Friday, November 29, 2013

Findings in Arminianism

Findings in Arminianism -- November 29, 2013
  • Steve Hays is concerned that Arminians speak of freewill as a self-evident concept. One has to wonder if this criticism also applies to all the Calvinist bloggers guilty of the exact same thing.
  • Calvinist Stephen McCaskell insists that Arminians are not pagans. Well, finally! 
  • C. Michael Patton exposes 12 myths about Arminianism. Oh, that we had more Pattons.
  • Al Mohler is quite clear that Arminians do not belong in the Southern Baptist convention. And the truth finally appears.
  • A Puritan's Mind still holds that Arminianism is heresy. That's a bit of the pot calling the kettle black, eh?
I was inspired recently by a Calvinistic web source that brings on-line findings regarding his theological persuasion. I hope you all enjoy this new Friday series.


I kinda like the format. It's pithy. I like pithy.

BTW, I saw the Hays item. If one sees freewill as an issue of the image of God, as I do, there's no need for all the philosophical obfuscation. It not so much a self-evident concept as one derivative from the revealed nature of God, and thereby implied in the image of God in mankind.

Agreed! And I liked your recent post on the issue also!

Thanks, Craig. Boldly challenging such Calvinists as Lee Shelton and others is long overdue.

I shall be ever on the look-out! haha :^)

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